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Learn German Online Reviews

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Learn German Online Review

Why Learn German Online?

Even though it is structurally similar to English, German is still a notoriously tricky language to pick up. The pronunciations can be hard to master, the spelling might be daunting and the cultural undertones of certain vocabulary are downright difficult to understand without a good teacher. We’ve sorted through the bevy of online German software available and handpicked only the best language learning utilities for your use. On this site you will also find articles related to German. Learn German online the right way, and soon, you’ll find yourself itching to visit Munich to try out your new language skills.

What to Look for in Learn German Online Services

Tailored Learning Materials
Keep an eye out for strong learning materials that help you learn German from the ground up. We’ve rigorously examined each online German course to thoroughly analyze their learning materials. From lessons to exercises and examinations, every element has been tested by a TopTenREVIEWS writer and examined for its effectiveness. One of the best ways to select a good program is to look for one that immerses you in German. When surrounded by the language, you are better able to pick up subtle vocabulary words and intonations in a shorter amount of time, increasing your learning efficiency. If a program omitted certain critical learning materials, the problem was noted before calculating the ratings.

Tutoring and Community Resources
While you may not remember the hours spent in high school German class, you’ll probably never forget the friends you made in that class and the projects you worked on together. The best online German software operates on this principle of social learning and adds in a tutoring element. Look for software that blends learning materials with social networking elements for an effective, fun and engaging experience. If a program offers one-on-one tutoring, take advantage of the resource as often as you can.

Engaging Audio
E-mails and examinations are designed to be written forms of communication. However, in real life, you’ll likely find yourself speaking and listening to more German than reading it. Locating a course with accurate audio clips is a must for anyone who takes language learning seriously. Extra elements—such as voice recognition software—are great bonuses, but a roster of spoken German tracks is one of the necessities for effective learning.

Timely Technical Support
Of course, the best course materials in the world are useless if you cannot access them. Technical support must be easy to use, quick to respond and accurate at all times. Excellent online German software will have an online help section, an e-mail contact form, online support and representatives available via telephone. It also helps to look at the software’s minimum operating requirements before making a choice. If the software will not work on your computer, it will not help you learn German!

Of these four areas, the learning materials area is most important. The fundamental lessons and exercises are the bread and butter of every good online German course, and they alone can teach you the new language. However, programs that feature community elements or excellent audio should not be discounted. These elements are still critical if you want to properly learn German online. Consider combining several programs for a full experience that maximizes all four areas.

TopTenREVIEW’s top three online German learning tools are well-rounded in all these areas. Visit TOTALe, Busuu and Livemocha for the best online German teaching tools available.

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